ADIMENSION DESIGNS is an architectural and design firm run by a group of visionaries since 1998.

What we do:

> Construction, Build and Design: Commercial Buildings, Residential Homes, Apartments and Town Homes
> Renovation: Condo Fit-out, Barangay Hall, Offices
> Interior Design and Environment Graphics: Offices, Apartment, Condo, Spa, Parlors, Retails Stores
> Cabinetry, Divider, Counter, Bed frame, Doors, Windows
> Plumbing
> Roofing
> Landscaping
> Masonry work
> Electrical
> Gate and Fence
> Wood and Aluminum works
> Mechanical

Ad and Design Department
We offer a wide range of below-the-line advertising, marketing collaterals, packaging design, and online marketing. AD started its operation in 1998 and has grown a number of loyal clients.